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Benefits of Continuing Your Plumbing Education

Posted on: April 2, 2018

Once you have established yourself as a plumber, you may feel as though you don’t need to keep furthering your education. However, failing to keep going with your studies could cause you to fall behind the pack in terms of further opportunities in a competitive field. The good news is that Illinois Plumbing Consultants makes it easy for you to further your education. Here are some reasons why that is important.

1. Stay Informed About Changes in the Industry

Technology is constantly changing. The only way to ensure you are giving your customers the best possible service with the best possible technology is to stay current on those changes. By taking regular classes, you can learn about new tools and technology that will make your job easier and ensure you are delivering top service to your clients every single time you are called.

2. Keep Your License Up-to-Date

Renewing your license requires proving that you are knowledgeable about the industry, and regular education in plumbing will ensure that you are. While you don’t need to take a test for your regular renewal, if you ever let your license expire, you may need to re-test. Illinois Plumbing Consultants gives you the ability to study up for the licensing exam, so you can renew your license again.

3. Open the Door to Better Jobs

Is there a particular skill that you lack? Would adding that skill help you add better income opportunities within your plumbing organization? Or would adding that skill allow you to branch out as an independent plumber, with the option to increase your income even more? Continuing your education will help you achieve greater things, including better jobs and better paying opportunities.

4. Improve Your Confidence

Perhaps the biggest benefit you will enjoy when you invest in yourself through additional education is increased confidence. You will know that you know all that you need to provide exceptional service to your customers. This confidence will show in your interactions with your customers, and they will feel as if they can trust you to deliver the services they need with the skill they want.

Sign Up for Continuing Plumbing Education Classes in the Chicago Area

Are you ready to enjoy these benefits? Check out the continuing education options with Illinois Plumbing Consultants. With classes in Chicago and Rockford, you can find one that is convenient to you. With small class sizes, you will gain excellent instruction that will boost your plumbing career.

Register for your continuing education class in Chicago, Rockford, or the surrounding area today.

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John Bertram

John Bertram has been in the plumbing industry since 1985. He has worked in both commercial and residential shops for over twenty years, and John has been a plumbing inspector since 2005.

Rick Sperando

Rick Sperando has been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years. He successfully owns and operates a local plumbing and mechanical company as well as IPC.

Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood brings over 20 years of industry experience along with 10 years of instruction. He currently holds his IL Plumbers License as well as his CCCDI license. Scott is currently a co-owner of a successful plumbing company in McHenry County.

Guy Curtis Smale

My duties as the City of McHenry plumbing inspector include plan review of all new plumbing work as well remodeling projects, inspection of all plumbing being installed or repaired in the City as well as the Village of Prairie Grove, property maintenance issues related to the State Plumbing Code, working with the County Health Dept.

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