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10 Reasons To Become a Plumber

Being a plumber is a highly rewarding career field. There are many reasons to consider it as you consider your options for your training and future work. Here are 10 reasons why becoming a plumber simply makes sense.

1. You’ll Always Be Needed

Job stability is always worth considering, and as long as people have plumbing, they’ll need a plumber. You’ll never have to worry about your job security, as long as you can do your job well.

2. It Costs Less To Get Started

There is a cost to become a plumber, but it’s far less than the cost for a traditional college degree. Not only does plumbing school cost less, but much of your training happens during an apprenticeship. While you’re an apprentice, you’ll actually be getting paid while you learn.

3. Opportunity To Work Independently

While many plumbers sign on with plumbing companies, you can strike out on your own. You don’t have to be part of a union or company; you can work independently. This gives you the freedom to move wherever you want, confidently knowing your skills are ready to serve you well. You’ll also enjoy scheduling freedom if you want it.

4. Opportunities To Advance

There are many different licensure levels in the plumbing field. If you want to, you can keep working toward the Master Plumber level. A Master Plumber has a higher salary and enjoys more job flexibility than less-experienced plumbers, and it’s a level you can obtain if you wish.

5. Good Wage Opportunities

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a plumber is $53,910. Those in the highest 10% income level earn $93,700 per year. That’s excellent income-earning potential to add to a career that’s always in demand.

6. Plenty of Social Interaction

If sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen sounds boring to you, the life of a plumber is a great option. You’ll be in the field working around people most of the day, and this can keep your day-to-day work quite interesting.

Whether you’re working a job in a business or a home, the people you interact with will always be changing.

7. Daily Job Variety

Every day that you head to work, the work is likely to change. One day, you may be fixing a dripping sink, while the next you’re looking for a gas leak. You may find yourself developing new technologies for your company or designing a system for a new building. The work is always changing and never boring.

8. Benefits Opportunities

If you choose to work for an employer, you’ll likely have a lot of options for benefits. This is because many plumbers are part of unions, and unions negotiate on behalf of their workers.

9. Excellent Career Growth Potential

The demand for plumbers is steady, but it’s also growing. The expected growth for plumbing careers by 2028 is 14%, which is much faster than average.

10. DIY Plumbing Help

An added perk of becoming a plumber is that you’ll never have to pay for plumbing services again. The next time you need plumbing work done, you can safely do it yourself and know it’s done well, all while saving money. There are many reasons to consider becoming a plumber.

If this career seems interesting, and these benefits are appealing, contact Illinois Plumbing Consultants to learn more.

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