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Are Plumbers in High Demand?

If you’re looking for a career field, the first thing you want is to find one that is in high demand. If you are considering plumbing, then you have found a great option. Plumbers fulfill an important role, and as such are needed in many different areas. Here’s a closer look at the demand for skilled plumbers, and why this is a good option to consider for your career.

The Demand for Plumbing Professionals

The Bureau of Labor Statistics tracks the expected job growth for most career fields. The job outlook for plumbers is quite good. From 2018-2028, the BLS expects the demand for plumbers to grow by around 14%, which is much faster than the average for all career fields.

There are many reasons for this growth, but the main reason is the increase in construction in the coming years. Every new building needs a plumber to plan and install the plumbing and gas line needs, and as such, the job opportunities are excellent for plumbers. In addition, the existing housing and commercial buildings continue to need maintenance and repair, and that also demands skilled plumbing professionals.

The income potential for plumbers is also good. They make an average of $53,910 per year or $25.92 per hour, and this income can increase with additional training or when working in a high-demand area.

Plumbers Do More Than Fix Pipes

Plumbing professionals are also in high demand because of the work they do. While the traditional tasks of a plumber, like fixing leaks and pipes, continue to be important, plumbers perform many more tasks. In addition to working on the water systems, plumbers work on gas lines, septic systems, and plans for the layout of plumbing lines. All of this contributes to the demand for these skilled laborers.

Get Started on a Career in Plumbing

If you want to take advantage of the job growth and potential in the plumbing field, the right training is the place to start. You will need training, both in the classroom and in the field, to learn these required skills.

Illinois Plumbing Consultants offers a plumbing trade school that will give you this education. You can practice plumbing skills and prepare for your plumbing license in a carefully designed program that will help hone your skills so you are ready for the demands of your new career. If you are ready to take advantage of what a plumbing career can offer, find out more about Illinois Plumbing Consultants, or register for classes today.

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