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Jobs You Can Get with a Plumbing License

With a plumbing license, there is a diverse amount of job opportunities among a wide range of industries. You also can decide to set up your own plumbing business. From working for a larger plumbing contractor like Roto Rooter to getting hired as a plumber for a large medical center, the opportunities are endless.

The Job Outlook and Salary for Plumber Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), plumber jobs are projected to grow by 26 percent through 2020. This projected demand is more than average for most other occupations. The demand for plumbers is expected to come from new building construction and more stringent water efficiency standards for plumbing systems, such as shower heads and low-flow toilets. Job opportunities for licensed plumbers are expected to be good, as many employers report difficulty in finding qualified professionals. In addition, the repair and maintenance of plumbing and pipe systems still need to be done even during an economic downturn.

The median average wage for plumbers is approximately $46,000, and the top 10 percent earn more than $79,000. Apprentices are typically paid about 40 percent less than fully trained and licensed plumbers. The higher-than-average paid plumbers are union members. One of the largest organizers for these workers is the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing Industry of the United States and Canada.

Getting a Plumber’s License

Passing the state’s plumbing exam is a requirement for a plumber’s license. Like any other industry specific state-licensing exam, you’ll be required to know all facets of the industry. With a good plumbing school like Illinois Plumbing Consultants, you’ll get hands-on training and in-depth knowledge. Topics include the repair and assembly techniques, state of Illinois plumbing codes and licensing laws and practical application of codes and standards. We even provide mock exams, so you get a clear idea of some of the types of questions that may be asked on the licensing exam. This practice test will help increase your testing skills and give you confidence.

At Illinois Plumbing Consultants, we also provide you with the best teachers. Not only are our educators passionate about your learning, they are experience and have worked in the field as plumbing inspectors and plumbers. With real-life experience, our teachers understand the ins and outs of Illinois plumbing codes and can explain even the most complex concepts. You get all the knowledge and tools needed for success.

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Jeff Swanson

Jeff brings over 50 years of experience in the trades. He is a Master Plumber, Master Pump Installer, Licensed CCCDI, EPA certified in lead removal, HVAC Certified Technician, EPA certified refrigerant practices instructor and IDPH Certified Instructor.

Rick Sperando

Rick Sperando has been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years. He successfully owns and operates a local plumbing and mechanical company as well as IPC.

Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood brings over 20 years of industry experience along with 10 years of instruction. He currently holds his IL Plumbers License as well as his CCCDI license. Scott is currently a co-owner of a successful plumbing company in McHenry County.

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