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How Do You Get a Plumbing License in Illinois?

The experts at Black Diamond know that being a plumber comes with a lot of responsibility and knowledge. However, there are a few extra hurdles to jump through if you want to become a plumber in the state of Illinois. This process includes filling out an application, taking an exam, and fulfilling apprenticeship hours. There are currently over 8,900 plumbers and 2,000 apprentice plumbers in Illinois, and all of them had to go through the same process to ensure that the standards of the Illinois Department of Public Health were met. While this may seem a bit overwhelming, our team of plumbers is here to break down this process into three easy steps today on our blog.

Step One: Get a High School Degree or GED

While plumbing is highly specialized and requires a bunch of hands-on experience, you’re going to need a comfortable grasp on many basic skills that are taught in high school too. Subjects like algebra, geometry, physics, thermodynamics, units of measurement, and computer knowledge are all essential to being a successful plumber. In order to become a licensed plumber in the state of Illinois, be sure to finish up high school or get your GED.

Step Two: Enroll in an Apprenticeship Program

If you’re at least 16 years old, you can apply to become an apprentice plumber. An apprentice plumber is the next step to becoming a real, certified plumber in Illinois. First, you must find a plumber or approved apprenticeship that would be willing to take you in and sponsor you. Then, you must fill out the “Apprentice Plumber’s License Application” that can be found on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website. As an apprentice, you’ll be performing hands-on training and be out with other licensed plumbers doing the highest level of learning possible. The maximum amount of time for an apprenticeship program is 6 years. After that, you’re up to apply for an official plumbing license! Go you!

Step Three: Take the Plumbing License Examination

The most important step in becoming a licensed plumber is taking the plumber license examination. You have to make sure to complete the examination application at least 30 days before the scheduled exam date and pay the required fee. This application and fee can be found on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s page. While the exam is highly technical, it should be nothing new to an apprentice plumber who’s been on the job for up to six years. However, don’t worry if something goes wrong and you have to retake the exam. There’s an examination retake form on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website as well.

Caveats to Be Aware of When Pursuing Your Plumber’s License

While a three-step process may look easy, there is a handful of specificities to be aware of when trying to get your plumber’s license. It’s important to note that the maximum period for apprenticeship is six years, and if you do not apply for your plumbing license then, you will not be eligible to renew your apprenticeship license. You also have to remember to get your license renewed by April 30th every year after your license’s issuance. Luckily, you can do this easily online. There are also a few small differences in getting a license for more specific vocations, like plumbing contractors, irrigation contractors, or even retired plumbers. All of these specificities can again be found on the Illinois Department of Public Health’s page on plumbing.

Get to Know Our Licensed Plumbers in the Chicagoland Area

At Black Diamond, each and every plumber is licensed in the state of Illinois. If you’re interested in pursuing the path to be a plumber or plumber’s apprentice, be sure to check out the many job listings available at Black Diamond. We pride ourselves on hard work, a solid determination to excel, and a deep commitment to the well-being of our customers. We are a winning team of NATE-certified technicians that wants to hire the highest-quality employees to perform the highest quality work. If you think you can be a top-notch addition to our team, apply online today.

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