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4 Trends That Are Impacting the Plumbing Industry

Although plumbing services are often viewed as necessary for construction and emergency repairs, there are many additional instances in which a professional can be of assistance to a Rockford, IL homeowner. In fact, any major work in a home that involves adjusting plumbing fixtures or updating the intake or outlet of water can be an area of concern for the plumbing expert. Following are four trends that are currently impacting the plumbing industry.

1. Alternative Water Heating Options

Water heating in Illinois represents 16 percent of the energy used in the average household. This is 2 percent lower than the national average. This may reflect efforts to use more efficient heating methods for household water needs. Today’s energy-saving systems include solar water heaters as well as tankless units.


A solar system may provide a home with relief in energy costs by using the sun’s energy to heat the water in the unit’s tank. The challenge for some homeowners may be the installation of solar panels in an appropriate area on the roof of the structure. Some may not be able to exercise this option due to restrictions in their communities. Others may find that with sunny days in most Illinois communities averaging close to 200, solar energy isn’t the most reliable option for water heating. Those who choose solar options will need both plumbing services and some simple construction work to install all components of the system.


A tankless water heater can provide several major benefits in the home, including the reduction of heating energy needed because of the elimination of a standby supply. Water is heated on demand. However, a plumbing professional may need to address flow issues for a larger household. In many cases, large households are better served by the installation of multiple tankless units. This may result in a plumber needing to deal with structural issues as units are placed to service appliances, separate bathrooms, and kitchens.

2. Household Remodeling

Kitchen and bathroom remodels have been popular for some time. However, rebounding economic conditions make this prospect more viable for many homeowners. Any renovations involving sinks, toilets, or bathing areas should be handled professionally to avoid errors that could lead to future plumbing repair needs.

3. Residential Water Purification

Clean drinking water has been a major concern in recent years. As consumers worry about water containers that could affect their health, they also evaluate the materials in their drinking water. Kitchen purification systems are popular solutions for ensuring families of access to clean and safe water. Plumbing assistance can be important as kitchen areas are updated to facilitate easy access to purified water.

4. Eco-Friendly Plumbing Solutions

Conservation isn’t a new concept, but today’s environmentally responsible citizen may want to incorporate more personal actions that can reduce consumption. Some may choose to re-route their gray water for tree watering or gardening. Others may want to upgrade to low-flow fixtures. As these areas are explored, consultations with plumbing experts may provide clear direction.

Training for a career in the plumbing industry allows you the opportunity to be an important part of solving these modern problems through plumbing repair and innovation in Rockford, IL. Learn about Illinois Plumbing Consultants’ apprenticeship options, or call us at 877-392-4898 to discuss our programs.

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