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Importance of Plumbing Safety

Being a plumber isn’t for everyone. Just like any trade, there are safety hazards that come with the career. Some hazards are minor while others can be life threatening to you and your team. At Illinois Plumbing Consultants, we want all of our students to understand hazards so they not only know the risks but they understand how to keep themselves, employees, and the homeowners safe.

Your safety is most important; which is why the team at IPC has put together five hazards you can face while being a plumber and how we teach you how to stay safe.

Five Safety Hazards of Being a Plumber

  1. Noise and hearing loss. Plumbers use numerous amounts of machinery that can be extremely loud. Using these machines several times per week for a long period of time can definitely cause some hearing loss if you are not protected. The instructors at IPC will inform you how to prevent hearing loss.
  2. Eye injuries and damages. While you are using machinery, it’s not only important to protect your hearing but also your eyes! We will teach you best practices (including using safety goggles) to protect your eyes.
  3. Mold infestations. When you are dealing with water daily, there is bound to be mold. Mold can be dangerous if breathed in—it can even cause difficulty breathing! Even though you may not see mold, it still could be present. At IPC, we will teach you how to safely deal with mold and how to dispose of it.
  4. Electrical shock. Dealing with electrical items—such as a hot water tank—mixed with water can lead to some dangerous electrical shocks. We will teach you basic electrical knowledge you need to know so you can avoid any shock.
  5. Biohazardous materials. Did you know plumbers worked in hospitals during the Ebola scare? Unfortunately, a plumber may have to deal with biohazardous materials every so often. This could include infections, waste, and more. When dealing with dangerous materials, it is vital to stay safe. At IPC, we will teach you how to properly take care of the dangerous mess while staying safe.

Learn Proper Plumbing Safety at Illinois Plumbing Consultants

When most people think of plumbers, they think of plunging and fixing toilets. While this can be a very small portion of the job, there are much more responsibilities—including using heavy machinery, dealing with electrical systems, and more. Safety is our number one priority both in the classroom and out on the field.

When you sign up for our Illinois Plumbing License prep program, you will learn all the best practices so you can stay safe while out in the field. To learn more about our license prep program, click here or give us a call!

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Rick Sperando has been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years. He successfully owns and operates a local plumbing and mechanical company as well as IPC.

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Scott Underwood brings over 20 years of industry experience along with 10 years of instruction. He currently holds his IL Plumbers License as well as his CCCDI license. Scott is currently a co-owner of a successful plumbing company in McHenry County.

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