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One of the best ways to prepare for the Illinois plumbing licensure exam is to take a practice test. After all, taking the Illinois Plumbing License test is costly, and if you don’t pass, you can’t launch your career until you take it again. The team at Illinois Plumbing Consultants wants to help improve your chances of success. To do so, we offer two yearly plumbing practice tests. This is an affordable and effective way to see if you are ready, but you’d better hurry! Our next test is scheduled for November 12, so you don’t have much more time to register.

What to Expect at the Practice Exam

Our practice exam is set up just like the real one. We’ve designed it so that it reflects the question types and material you will face at the actual test. Of course, we don’t know the actual questions you will be given, but our practice test is a good representation of what you can expect.

We ask that you are available for testing from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. This gives you time for registration, the test itself, and review from the group and one-on-one review professionals.

Why Practice Is Important

Practice makes perfect, and our practice exam is the best way to prepare for the real thing. By taking a practice test, you will increase your confidence and find those areas that you need to study more before you test. It also allows you to practice proven test-taking strategies. You’ll walk into the real test full of confidence and with much less anxiety, because you’ll know exactly what is coming.

Preparing for the Practice Test

Preparing for your practice test works best if you treat it like a real exam. Take a plumbing prep class, like those offered by Illinois Plumbing Consultants, study your notes and prepare like the real test is coming. On testing day, bring water and a snack as well as plenty of pencils. Remember, you could be at the testing location for over six hours, easily. Be careful as you take the test to understand what you are doing and what the questions are covering, so you can get the most benefit.

Register Today, Before It’s Too Late

Our next Illinois Plumbing Consultants Mock License Exam is scheduled for November 12. Remember, we only hold the mock exams twice a year. If you don’t get in on time for this test, you’ll have to wait until next spring for your next opportunity. Don’t delay. Register today!

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Jeff Swanson

Jeff brings over 50 years of experience in the trades. He is a Master Plumber, Master Pump Installer, Licensed CCCDI, EPA certified in lead removal, HVAC Certified Technician, EPA certified refrigerant practices instructor and IDPH Certified Instructor.

Rick Sperando

Rick Sperando has been in the plumbing industry for over 35 years. He successfully owns and operates a local plumbing and mechanical company as well as IPC.

Scott Underwood

Scott Underwood brings over 20 years of industry experience along with 10 years of instruction. He currently holds his IL Plumbers License as well as his CCCDI license. Scott is currently a co-owner of a successful plumbing company in McHenry County.

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