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What It Takes to Become a Great Plumber

Let’s face it—everyone has a different “dream job”. Some people are meant for more of a desk job while others would prefer a hands-on career. If you are thinking of furthering your career and becoming a plumber, you may be wondering what it takes be become a great plumber and to succeed in the career.

Below, Illinois Plumbing Consultants have outlined skills and traits it takes to succeed and to become a great plumber.

Skills & Traits Professional Plumbers Have

While plumbers have many unique personalities and traits, there are several skills which allow a plumber to succeed:

  • When you are a plumber, you must communicate with homeowners, business owners, and more about their current plumbing situation and what they are looking for. To be a great plumber, you must be able to communicate effectively.
  • If you have a client who’s pipes burst on a Sunday, chances are they are going to call you to resolve the issue. While some companies do not offer 24/7 emergency services, being a plumber means you must be able to be slightly flexible to keep your customers happy.
  • Problem solver. Throughout your career, you will come across many problems—some not so bad and some not so pretty. To be a great plumber, you must be quick to make decisions and solve the problem for your client.
  • Eager to learn. Plumbers enjoy learning new skills in their trade. With technology and equipment advancing, a great plumber must be willing to learn. IPC even has classes for those already in the field to continue their education!
  • Are you someone who leaves your home to deposit a check in the bank, and you forget the check? While accidents happen, plumbers are fully prepared for their appointment. It’s important to show up with essential tools and equipment for common problems and issues.
  • Plumbers often handle equipment and issues that homeowners are unfamiliar with. Don’t ruin your reputation by not completing your full job or charging a customer more than the solution was worth—this could not only hurt you and your career but it can be detrimental to your company. Be someone your customers can trust and rely on for all of their plumbing needs.
  • Hands on. Plumbers experience a different schedule every day and are always using their hands to repair and install. To be successful, you must enjoy a hands on experiences and learning each and every day.

If you think you have many of the skills listed above, a plumbing career may be for you. Start by taking prep courses to prepare for the Illinois Plumbing License exam. Register with IPC today!

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