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5 Common Misconceptions About Plumbers

Many aspiring plumbers have been discouraged by myths or misconceptions that surround the plumbing industry. With plumbers in great demand, the industry needs as many new plumbers as possible, so it is time to dispel some of these common misconceptions.

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1. There Are Not Enough Plumbing Jobs

Becoming a plumber does not make much sense if you will not be able to find work. Fortunately, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the number of available jobs for plumbers is expected to increase by over 16% by 2026, which is more than double the growth rate of other professions.

2. Plumbing Is Easy

With the advent of easier plumbing alternatives like PVC, ABS, and PEX, it may seem like even the average homeowner can do their own plumbing. There is a lot more to plumbing than simply connecting pipes, however. From troubleshooting complex plumbing problems to repairing and adapting to existing systems, or meeting stringent code requirements, a professional plumber will always be necessary for difficult jobs.

3. Plumbing Is Simple Work

Plumbers have their fair share of boring work like unclogging toilets, repairing faucets, or replacing fixtures, but there is plenty of rewarding work to be had. From roughing in plumbing for new construction to servicing equipment like water heaters, boilers, and fire suppression systems, many jobs can be quite interesting or even enjoyable.

4. Plumbing Does Not Change Much

New plumbing procedures and materials are introduced constantly, and technology is becoming an increasingly important part of the job, whether it is troubleshooting an electronic water heater or interfacing with a building automation system. Continuing education is an important part of plumbing, and it will keep you ahead of the competition.

5. Plumbers Are Not Paid Well

Plumbers can earn a very good income, depending on their training and education. While jobs may start as low as the mid $30,000 range, those with plenty of experience, a valuable specialization, or their own business can earn close to six figures.

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