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What Is a Typical Workday for a Plumber?

A lot goes into being a successful plumber. Depending on your title, location, and area of specialty, your day-to-day routine can vary. However, there’s a lot of basic information to know if you’re considering exploring the career path of plumbing. In today’s blog, the team at Illinois Plumbing Consultants will walk you through the typical day-to-day tasks of a plumber, outline the different types of plumbers, and connect you with plumbing classes so you can take your first step in this exciting and rewarding journey!

What Does a Plumber Do on a Daily Basis?

A normal workday for a plumber is between 8-10 hours of work time. Typically, a workweek is about 4-5 days. The workweek of a plumber is flexible because oftentimes you can choose to work four ten-hour days, leaving you with three days off a week! Or, vice versa, you can work five eight-hour days and enjoy a two-day weekend. It’s not uncommon for plumbers to work at night, especially in commercial locations that are often too crowded during the day to undergo large plumbing services.

One of the most exciting parts of being a plumber is that you never really know what to expect each day. A plumber’s tasks really depend on the size of the project and space, as well as what stage the project is in.

Plumbers also deal with a lot of emergency services, meaning sometimes they might get a call at 5 a.m. because someone’s kitchen pipes burst unexpectedly. They also perform routine installation services, such as installing a new dishwasher or toilet into a home. They have a considerable amount of routine maintenance appointments as well, which consist of evaluating home or commercial plumbing systems and assessing them for any necessary repairs or services.

What Are the Different Types of Plumbers?

When you start out on your plumber educational journey, you’re going to come across the different levels in a plumber’s title. We’re here to break down these different types for you:

  • Apprentice Plumber: Every plumber starts out as an apprentice plumber. In Illinois, an apprentice plumber must be at least 16 years old and needs sponsorship by an Illinois licensed plumber or to be enrolled in an approved apprenticeship program. Apprentice plumbers usually have the knowledge to perform basic jobs, but not the level of experience that makes a journeyman or a master plumber. Apprentice plumbers usually need around three years of experience before moving up to a journeyman.
  • Journeyman: A journeyman needs a specific journeyman’s license, which includes an exam and documentation of all previous plumbing work. Journeymen can take on jobs completely on their own and can hire an apprentice to work under them. However, journeymen cannot start their own business. Only master plumbers are able to do that.
  • Master Plumber: Master plumbers are the best of the best. They have years of experience and oftentimes are even highly trained in a specific area of plumbing. They have completed all of the necessary training and certifications, and are the only type of plumber able to open their own business. They train new plumbers, know plumbing codes, oversee large projects, and much more.

How Do I Begin My Plumbing Training?

There are tons of benefits to becoming a plumber. In the state of Illinois, the typical annual salary for a plumber is around $48,000-$52,000! If you’re ready to take the first step in becoming a plumber in Illinois, look no further than Illinois Plumbing Consultants! We offer a large variety of classes to prep you for any step of your plumber education process. Whether you’re in need of licensing prep or mock exam registration, or are simply looking to refresh your skills with our hands-on courses, Illinois Plumbing Consultants has it all. We are a team of professionals that is dedicated to educating the apprentices and licensed plumbers of Illinois. If you are in the McHenry area, come visit Illinois Plumbing Consultants and begin your new career path today!

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